The Kingdom Over the Sea

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

When her mother dies in an accident, 12-year-old Yara’s life is thrown into disarray. She is astounded to discover that they were not originally from Iraq, but in fact came from a mysterious magical realm across the sea. In a letter, Mama instructs Yara to travel from the UK to their home city of Zehaira and find the sorceress Leyla Khatoun. With nothing left to lose, resourceful and tenacious Yara sets out on an extraordinary journey to a wondrous kingdom of sorcerers, alchemists and magic.

As she searches for Leyla, Yara learns that sorcery was outlawed in Zehaira 12 years earlier, and those who were not executed went into hiding. She is appalled when she discovers a brutal plot by the Sultan’s ruthless Chief Alchemist to eradicate all remaining sorcerers. With the help of her new friends – Ajay the jinn, soothsayer Mehnoor and apprentice sorcerer Rafi – Yara embarks on a dangerous quest to save her homeland. Meanwhile, she is determined to uncover the truth about her own identity and heritage.

This imaginative world is vividly described, and striking black-and-white illustrations help bring the setting and characters to life. A compelling fantasy adventure, with courage and friendship at its heart.

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