Moonchild: Voyage of the Lost and Found

Publisher: Farshore

Twelve-year-old Amira lives with her two sea-witch mothers on the oceans of the Sahar Peninsula, an enchanted realm which lies just beyond the horizon. She is never without her beloved companion, a cat jinni named Namur, who provides her with the magical ability to read people’s emotions.

Following a raging storm which leaves their vessel in need of repair, they dock at the island of Failaka, giving Amira the rare opportunity to explore land. Her mothers seem agitated when she befriends Leo, an inquisitive boy with a goldfish jinni, and Amira feels angry, as suspects they are keeping secrets from her. Leo believes that their jinn are connected to a formidable stormbird who sits menacingly on the skyline, causing increasingly ominous storms and spreading fear among the islanders. When Namur goes missing, Amira embarks on a perilous quest to find him, calm the stormbird and discover the truth about her past.

Inspired by traditional Middle Eastern tales, this captivating adventure is full of magic, mystery and danger. The first in a duology, it is accompanied by striking black-and-white illustrations which bring the characters and setting to life.

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