The Haunting of Tyrese Walker

(1 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Andersen Press

Tyrese can’t bear to think, hear or talk about Dad. Doing that makes what happened too real.

And he certainly doesn’t want to be in Jamaica; he wants to be on his own in his bedroom at home. But Grammy and Mum love him and hope the change of scenery will help him move on.

But after his first night, Tyrese awakes muddled, foggy, with a blinding headache and strange pinprick wounds on his finger. He hears voices, sees things that aren’t there and becomes convinced that a malevolent spirit is out to get him.

As his friends try to understand what’s happening, it becomes clear that Ty may not be hallucinating after all and, together, they have no choice but to head towards the thing that scares them most.

The tension in this creepy ghost story is almost as oppressive as the stifling heat of the island and, like Tyrese, readers will find it hard to tell what is real and what’s not.

Mixing elements of Caribbean folklore with the story of one boy’s overwhelming grief makes Tyrese’s experiences powerful and relatable. And anyone who has lost someone close will recognise that pain is a necessary part of healing.

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