Publisher: Guppy Books

For the first sixteen years of her life, Rebecca Strand thought her father was just a lighthouse keeper. Until the night she watched him kill a ghost; a hideous, malevolent creature that made her blood run cold.

But that’s just history now. And a story that Gabe tells to groups of tourists every day on the Island Ghost Tour he leads. Apart from the bit about killing a ghost. He doesn’t know about that, just that the lighthouse is supposed to be haunted by Rebecca and her father.

Gabe doesn’t actually believe in ghosts; until a terrifying experience brings history, ghosthunters and unimaginable evil into his life.

Gabe and his friends are brave and resourceful but how are they supposed to win a battle against an enemy they can’t even see?

This ghostly horror story will have readers on the edge of their seats as the tension builds and terror mounts culminating in an extended, dramatic climax on top of Toronto’s CN tower.

But amidst the scares are some funny moments and a convincing backstory. Add to that Gabe’s very human struggle with the complicated feelings he has for his dead father and the result is absolute dynamite.

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