Zo and the Forest of Secrets

Publisher: Knights Of

Zo doesn’t intend to stay away too long; just a day or two until Da is worried enough to come from New York and help search for her.

It’s not that she doesn’t get on with Mum and stepdad Jake but the new baby is driving her nuts and she is desperate to leave the island. So, having distracted the adults for just long enough, Zo escapes into the forest.

But what should have been a familiar and non-threatening environment rapidly becomes disorientating and intimidating as she encounters a series of bizarre, mutant creatures that are so surreal she can’t trust her own eyes and ears. Can she find her way out or is she doomed to be a tasty meal for the terrifying Fleshskinner?

Strange, hallucinatory clues at the beginning of this futuristic thriller gradually find their context as Zo is drawn into the depths of the forest. Unsettling from the start, the story is a curious mix of cautionary tale, science fiction horror and a study of friendship and trust.

Setting the adventures on the island of Trinidad, a cultural melting pot for people from across the globe, facilitates the inclusion of characters from many ethnic backgrounds which adds to the appeal.

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