The Greatest in the World! (A TaterTales Book)

Publisher: Farshore

Rot Poe Tater is a mutant potato, who wakes up one morning claiming that he’s the Greatest in the World. His grumpy big brother, Snot, disagrees and challenges him to an epic contest to determine which of them is the best.  

They go head-to-head in a potato sack race, judged by their enthusiastic little sister, Tot. After a motivational pep talk from his best buddy, Worm, Rot gives it his all, but he simply can’t catch his big brother. However, Snot is lazy and complacent, so when he pauses for a snooze in Barrel Bottom Bog, Rot seizes his chance and races towards the finish line. When Tot declares a draw, the brothers embark on a hot potato challenge, followed by a laugh-off, but who will be the overall winner?  

Full of quirky humour, the witty, colourful drawings contain an abundance of personality, while the comic-strip layout makes the book extremely accessible. This funny, heartwarming tale would particularly appeal to reluctant readers or those who are just beginning to enjoy reading independently. There are some ‘spudtacular’ potato facts at the end, and the final page features a step-by-step guide to drawing Rot, so readers can create their own comic adventures. 

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