The Goozillas!: Trapped in the Bog of Beasts

Publisher: Oxford Univerity Press


While Max is playing on his favourite game on his tablet, he manages the impossible. With just one sneeze, Max manages to transport himself into the game itself, World of Slime.

There, he meets a slimy and gross cast of characters called the GOOZILLAS. This gang of slimeballs need Max's help. Their world is being take over by the obnoxiously sweet and fluffy Sicklies. But these cute critters aren't as sweet as they seem, and won't be easily defeated.

Dexter Green creates a fantastically disgusting story, effortlessly capturing a young boy's obsession with all things sticky, icky and video games. Jake Dash’s colourful and cartoony illustrations are dotted throughout in full colour, making this perfect for young and reluctant readers. 

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