Future Friend

Publisher: HarperCollins

Pip@256X#YY.3_7 lives in a super-mega-high-rise apartment in 3020. She has parents who love her but no real friends – mainly because she lives her whole life online. It’s simply too dangerous to go outside as it’s far too hot, mostly flooded and swirling with dangerous viruses.

Rahul Agarwal, genius inventor, lives in 2019 in a flat above his Dad’s warehouse. A warehouse full of rubbish – oops, sorry, full of useful things like tinned hot dogs, bags of firelighters, XL toilet seats and multi-coloured beanbags.

Trying to get out of doing his homework, Rahul, who’s been lonely since his best friend moved away, is moping in the warehouse one evening when a girl dressed like an extra for Star Trek suddenly appears from one of the XL toilet seats! Cue hilarious misunderstandings and an urgent quest to get Pip back to her own time.

Behind a brilliantly imagined world, 1001 years in the future, lies a story about the fundamentals of real, human friendships. Wonderfully flawed characters and comic relief in the form of talking pets and ridiculous conspiracy theorists, make Pip and Rahul’s experiences as entertaining as they are touching and exciting. Creative, ingenious, compelling and laugh-out-loud funny.

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