The Girl Who Became a Fish

Publisher: Knights Of

Ita hasn’t felt settled since moving to a new house and different school. She has no friends yet and the house just doesn’t feel like home.  

But worst of all, she feels her family are drifting away from her. Grandma is struggling to manage on her own and helping out is leaving Dad exhausted. Mum has a new job that takes all her time and energy and her two brothers are busy trying to settle in themselves. 

Despite being terrified of water, Ita feels strangely drawn to the nearby river and, when she ventures to put her hands beneath the surface, discovers something unexpected and magical that gradually changes how she sees the world. Could this be the key to rediscovering her inner happiness?  

Ita’s story reflects the challenging feelings that can be experienced by many children when facing changes of circumstance such as moving home or coping with difficulties in the family. Luckily, Ita has a bit of magic on her side but she still needs to find the courage within her to take the plunge and do her bit to bring the family back together. 

A heart-warming tale of triumph over adversity for newly confident readers. 

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