The Sea House

Publisher: Firefly Press

When she’s asleep, Coral can pretend that the accident didn’t really happen, that her parents are still alive. But every time she wakes up, the dreadful blackness and loneliness of reality hit her even harder. Until the day she wakes up underwater.

And it’s not just Coral who’s underwater, it’s her whole house. The lounge is just as recognisable but there are barnacles on the bookshelves, long reeds swaying around the sofa and seagrass covering the carpet. And, although most of the fabulous sea creatures she meets are friendly, there’s an eerie green glow seeping around the edges of the closed kitchen door that surely can’t be concealing anything good.

The imaginative cast of aquatic characters are engaging, charismatic and, sometimes, threatening as they orchestrate Coral’s struggle between despondency and courage.

Thrilling, edgy and exciting, this underwater fantasy works both as an adventure story and/or an original take on loss, grieving, survival and hope. 

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