Publisher: Farshore

Claire has two older sisters, who ruffle her hair and call her Bear. Whatever they do, Claire does it too. Except for one thing. Even on the hottest summer day, Claire won’t go in the water. It scares her and makes her feel all squirmy inside. Until the day she’s brave enough to put in just a toe. Then a foot; then a leg. Then, with a huge ‘splash’, Claire is in the pool – and she never wants to get out!

From then on, Claire has a dream to be the very best and, although it’s not always easy, she knows she’ll get there in the end.

Being based on the real-life experiences of a Paralympic gold medallist adds authenticity to a joyful celebration of mastering a new skill by stepping out of your comfort zone.

This fun, entertaining and inspiring picture book seeks to normalise disability showing that having a physical difference doesn’t have to hold you back. Whatever your skills or difficulties, you can still have big dreams and with some self-belief, support and hard work you can be as good as, or better than, anybody else.

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