The Funniest Boy in the World

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Publisher: Scholastic Children’s Books

Billy Plimpton dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian and he won’t let his stammer hold him back, but after a couple of disastrous gigs, he’s ready to throw in the towel. His fortunes change when legendary comic Leo Leggett spots him at a comedy festival and offers to be his mentor. Leo posts a clip of Billy’s routine on social media and suddenly he’s famous.

At first, Billy loves the attention. However, when he becomes the butt of Leo’s jokes, Billy begins to feel uncomfortable. He knows Leo’s behaviour is wrong but how can a twelve-year-old boy challenge such a huge celebrity? To add to his woes, Billy feels guilty that his obsession with fame has caused him to lose sight of what really matters – his friends.

Each chapter opens with a joke and the laughs keep on coming in this superb sequel to the award-winning The Boy who Made Everyone Laugh. Nestled between the chuckles are some really important issues, which are sensitively explored, including the hazards of social media, dealing with alcoholism and standing up to bullies, no matter who they are.

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