Glitter Boy

Publisher: Scholastic

James has always loved dancing with his best friend Harriet and singing along to Mariah Carey’s songs with his nan. Worryingly, in Year 5, a boy called Paul started hissing at James in the playground. But James is determined to have a great Year 6 with their great new teacher Mr Hamilton. 

Only, life has a way of surprising you. James worries about Nan, who keeps having falls, and he can’t talk to his dad, who’s silent and sad since Mum left. Then the bullying by Paul starts again, along with the word ‘gay’ as an insult. James doesn’t know if he’s gay, but it seems like everyone thinks it’s an awful thing to be. Mariah’s songs tell James to be true to himself, but it’s really hard when he’s still working out who he is, like any eleven year old.

This is an excellent book for showing the impact of under-the-radar bullying and how it can escalate to include lots of class members, while making the target feel helpless, confused and vulnerable. It is also joyful, though. Nan is a supportive presence, as are Harriet and Joel, a new friend. And, despite everything, James treats everyone with kindness. This would begin conversations about empathy, bullying, being yourself and about what being LGBTQ+ means. 

Mae James wastad wedi bod wrth ei fodd yn dawnsio gyda’i ffrind gorau Harriet ac yn canu i ganeuon Mariah Carey gyda’i nain.

Yna mae yna fachgen yn dechrau ei fwlio, gan ddefnyddio’r gair ‘gay’ fel sarhad. Dydy James ddim yn gwybod os yw’n ‘gay’, ond mae’n ymddangos fel petai pawb yn meddwl bod hyn yn beth ofnadwy i fod.

Mae hwn yn llyfr ardderchog ar gyfer dangos effaith bwlio cudd a sut y gall ddatblygu i gynnwys llawer o aelodau’r dosbarth. Fodd bynnag, mae hefyd yn stori hapus – mae nain yn gymeriad cefnogol yn ogystal â Harriet a Joel, ffrindiau James. Llyfr gwych i helpu â sgyrsiau am empathi, bwlio a beth y mae bod yn LHDTC+ yn ei olygu.


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