How to be More Hedgehog

Publisher: Uclan Publishing

Lily cares passionately about wildlife and has lots of ideas for a school project about the environment. However, she dreads presenting her work to the class, as her stammer makes it difficult for her to speak in public. In contrast, her best friend Mia is a born performer, so they agree that Lily does the research while Mia concentrates on the presentation.

At first, this seems like a good solution, but Lily realises there are things she wants to say. She films herself practising but is devasted when her brother shares the video and it ends up online. She feels humiliated when people post cruel comments and her classmates – even Mia – snigger behind her back. Lily wants to hide away from everyone and hibernate like her favourite animal, the hedgehog, but knows that she must face her fears if she is to find her own voice.

This heart-warming novel incorporates themes of friendship, bullying, parental separation and environmental issues. It sensitively explores what it’s like to live with a stammer and will help readers to develop empathy and understanding. Each chapter heading features hedgehog drawings and facts, which are pertinent to Lily’s experiences and add another dimension to the tale.

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