Run Wild

Publisher: Barrington Stoke


Izzy and Asha need somewhere to practice their skateboarding skills, so together with Izzy’s little brother Connor, they sneak into the derelict gasworks. What at first seems to be an empty space is actually teaming with wildlife and, while the girls practice their board skills, Connor explores the scrubland, finding cormorants, beetles… and an injured wolf!

They return the next day but are furious when the Skull brothers follow them. However, Scott earns their trust and respect when he gently removes a shard of glass from the wolf’s paw. The children visit "Wolf Land" every day, delighting in their newfound freedom to roam the urban wilderness. The friends are devasted when developers visit the site, as they feel powerless to protect the wolf or their wild place, both of which they have come to cherish.

This beautifully written, poignant tale of friendship and freedom highlights the value of connecting with nature, particularly for young people living in cities. Barrington Stoke books are specifically designed and edited to help minimise barriers to comprehension and are aimed at the age of the child rather than their reading age. Clear typeface on thick off-white pages make them particularly accessible to dyslexic readers.

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