The Famishing Vanishing Mahoosive Mammoth

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Mammoth has a problem. He's terribly hungry. In fact, he's so famishing, he's vanishing. His tiny friend Bug brings him food, but one gulp later, it's gone - and Mammoth is gloomy and starving, all over again.

At the seaside, Mammoth munches on doughnuts, popcorn, ice-cream, chips, candyfloss and even a whole ship! He gobbles up everything from cupcakes to lamp posts. What can Bug do? His friend is going to POP! Bug decides that Mammoth needs to be distracted from his empty tum. So the friends play on the swings, whizz down the slides and pretend they're kings living in castles. Suddenly Mammoth realises that what he needs most of all isn't food - it's a hug from Bug.

A charming, comical, rhyming tale of two unlikely friends. Exuberant illustrations and bouncy text add to this captivating story.

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