Woozy the Wizard: a present for pig

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Woozy the Wizard feels terrible when he realises that he has forgotten Pig's birthday. Rather than spending the day making her feel special, he dashes around looking for the perfect present.

His friends all have great gift ideas: Dripsy the dragon suggests a toy, Iffy the elf proposes a bike, while Witch Titch and Witch Tall favour musical instruments. Unable to decide, he returns home empty-handed, to be greeted by a very disgruntled pig. He resorts to magic, but his spells are disastrous. All he can produce is a bag of flour, some honey and an egg - and he can't make a birthday present out of those, so he tosses them away - in his cauldron - in despair.

Hilarious, fast-paced rhyming text combine with comical vibrant illustrations to create a joyful book for early readers. Woozy is a lovable if clueless character, and the facial expressions of long-suffering Pig are a delight.

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