The Cat Mummy

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Publisher: Yearling

Mabel the cat is very special. She used to belong to Verity's mother, who died when Verity was born. One day Mabel goes missing; Verity searches for her but discovers that the cat has curled up and died at the bottom of her wardrobe.

After she learns at school that the Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, she decides to mummify Mabel - however, a combination of Verity's odd behaviour, and an increasingly unpleasant smell emanating from her room, begins to arouse the suspicions of Gran, and Verity is very worried that she will not be able to keep her Cat Mummy secret for much longer.

As well as focusing on the trauma of a family pet dying, Wilson also examines the fact that the family never really came to terms with the death of Verity's mother. A deceptively simple tale which explores the issue of bereavement for younger readers.

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