The Story of Tracy Beaker

(28 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Random House

Tracy Beaker is a funny, imaginative and articulate ten-year-old girl, but she can also be angry, impulsive and a bit violent too. Tracy lives in a children's home but constantly hopes that her absent, glamorous mum will come and take her away.

One day Cam visits the home, to write a piece on the children. Tracy, being something of a writer herself, resolves to help out. The two form a bond and Tracy begins to wonder if Cam might represent a way out of the home for good.

Tracy's story is told as a series of diary entries, liberally illustrated with doodles and drawings from the pen of Nick Sharratt. She is an endearing narrator and her bouts of temper serve only to make her seem more believable. Both funny and touching by turns, it is easy to see why Tracy's story has become a modern-day classic.

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