The Button Book

Publisher: Andersen Press

This creative picture book invites children to press a series of buttons to reveal different sounds or actions. However, there is no technology contained within the book; the buttons are drawn onto the pages and powered purely by the reader’s imagination.

As each new button is introduced, children turn the page to discover what it does. This helps to build anticipation, as well as providing opportunities to guess what the next action might be. The red button beeps, the green one makes rather rude noises and the blue singing button could generate a different song with each reading. The pink hug button is sure to be a hit, but beware of the purple button, as it could activate a full-on tickle attack! After plenty of excitement, the final sleeping button calms everything down.

There are lots of early learning experiences packed into this imaginative tale, from colour and shape recognition to different animals to identify. It is enhanced by Beth Woollvin’s trademark illustrations, a mixture of bold outlines, vibrant blocks of colour and simplified shapes, which exude personality.

The sturdy pages of this board book edition will withstand lots of rigorous button pressing. Sure to become a firm favourite.

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