Circle Rolls

Publisher: Phaidon

The force of a tiny man’s sneeze sends Circle spinning off on an eventful adventure, where he encounters a variety of other shapes. Square sits solidly on the ground, Rectangle stands tall, and Oval rocks to and fro, while Circle rolls past them all. There is pandemonium when Circle bumps into one of Triangle’s points and pops dramatically, sending all the other shapes into a panic. Thankfully, sensible Octagon takes charge and the shapes rally round to help their punctured friend.

This stylish picture book combines succinct rhyming text with simple collage and ink illustrations, which are remarkably expressive. The colourful shapes are accompanied by a delightful cast of miniature people, who rush around the pages, attempting to steer the shapes in the right direction and avert disaster. Perfect to introduce children to shape, colour and problem solving, this extremely funny, dynamic adventure is sure to become a firm favourite.

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