Let’s Play!

Publisher: Chronicle Books

The star of this cheerful picture book is a jovial yellow dot, which invites the reader to touch different parts of the page to help it move around.

Children are encouraged to follow instructions, identify colours and directions, develop their fine motor skills by tracing the dot's progress with their finger, and use their imagination to play with the lively splodge of yellow paint, which is full of personality.

The dot has all sorts of adventures: whizzing around in circles, playing hide-and-seek, tiptoeing through long dark tunnels, and even leaping off the page to sit on the reader's head.

In a world of touchscreen technology, this playful picture book goes back to basics, inspiring children to interact with the printed page by allowing their imagination to bring the dot to life.

Bright splashes of paint in primary colours, clever design and plenty of humour combine to create a captivating book that bursts with dynamic exuberance.

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