The Ali-A Adventures: Game On!

Publisher: Puffin


Ali-A is attending the launch of Alien Liberator 2 and filming it for his YouTube channel, along with his dog Eevee and friend Claire, when something weird happens. Everyone at the launch starts turning green, like characters in the video game. Worse, the giant robot Tyrantors onstage come alive…

This definitely isn’t part of the show, and inded it turns out that everyone at the game convention has been trapped inside Alien Liberator 2. Fortunately, Ali gets turned into the hero of the game and he and Eevee – who gets a doggy upgrade and can now talk – fight their way through the story to save the day.

Ali-A is a popular YouTube gamer and this is his first book, co-written with Cavan Scott, whose Star Wars graphic novels have been a huge hit with kids. In a luxurious hardback format with full colour, and brilliant graphic novel illustration by Aleksandar Sotirovski, this is a fast-paced, fun read with amazing visuals that gaming fans will love, as well as anyone else that enjoys a good yarn.

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