Juniper Mae: Knight of Tykotech City

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Juniper Mae lives in the ultra-high-tech Tykotech City, spending her days tinkering in her dad's repair shop and dreaming of one day being an inventor at Tykotech Tower... but the city is in trouble! The Core, the energy supply that runs the entire city, keeps cutting out and plunging everybody into power cuts. 

When one of Juniper's inventions goes a little wrong, she finds herself lost in the deep, dense forest that borders the city - and it looks like the forest could hold the secret to the Core. With the help of a very unusual new friend, Juniper must turn not just to technology, but to fables and fairytales to solve the mystery and save the city.

This sweet graphic novel for children aged 7+ is ideal for less confident readers - the simple text tells a fun and engaging adventure story about a brave girl fascinated by science and technology, and there's lots of gorgeous detail and expression in Sarah Soh's adorable character illustrations. The story ends with the possibility of another adventure in store for Juniper and Albie, and we can't wait!

Mae Juniper Mae yn byw yn ninas Tykotech sy’n hynod hei-tec, gan dreulio’i diwrnodau’n ffidlan yng ngweithdy atgyweirio’i thaid ac yn breuddwydio am fod yn ddyfeisydd yn Nhŵr Tykotech rhyw ddydd.

Fodd bynnag, mae Dinas Tykotech mewn helynt. Mae Core, y cyflenwad ynni sy’n rhedeg y ddinas gyfan, yn dioddef toriadau trydan yn barhaus sy’n golygu bod pawb heb drydan ar adegau.

Ond, pan mae Juniper ar goll yn y goedwig ar ffin y ddinas, mae hi’n sylweddoli y gallai’r goedwig fod yn dal y gyfrinach i broblem Core.

Mae’r nofel graffig annwyl hon yn ddelfrydol ar gyfer darllenwyr llai hyderus – mae’r testun syml yn adrodd stori antur ddifyr am ferch ddewr y mae gwyddoniaeth a thechnoleg yn ei chyfareddu.

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