That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown

Publisher: Hachette

Emily and her toy rabbit, Stanley, love to go on adventures together. One day when they are attempting to launch themselves into space from the kitchen, one of the Queen's footmen knocks at the door and demands Emily give Stanley to his mistress in exchange for a brand-new teddy bear.

Emily refuses but the Queen perseveres, constantly sending her minions to bargain with the girl. In the end the naughty Queen orders for Stanley to be stolen but soon discovers that you can't make someone else's toy your own. Emily rescues Stanley but not before she suggests the Queen has some adventures with a brand-new teddy to make him into a 'real toy of her own'.

With a quirky, humorous text and lively illustrations, this fantastic picture book was a deserving winner of the 2006 Nestle Gold Award. A real visual treat, it will especially appeal to any child who has a much-loved toy of their own.

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