The Wizards of Once

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Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Wish is a girl from a warrior tribe and Xar is a boy from a wizard tribe, living in a world loosely based on Ancient Britain at the beginning of the Iron Age.

It’s a time of real magic: magic that is despised by the warrior tribe, whose very fierce leader (Wish’s mother Queen Sychorax) has sworn to remove from the world. But Wish has got her hands on a secret magical object that she’ll do anything to hide (and Xar will do anything to get his hands on). The Wizards of Once is the thrilling story of what happens when Wish and Xar meet.

The Wizards of Once is a fabulously imaginative, funny and unpredictable adventure that will leave readers desperate for the next instalment. The book is full of gorgeous illustrations by Cressida Cowell, which drag you into the magical world and pull you into Wish and Xar’s adventures. This definitely will not disappoint fans of How To Train Your Dragon.

Winner of the Blue Peter Book Awards 2018 – Best Story.

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