Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain

Publisher: Walker Books

We all have a brain, but it’s likely that, ironically, we very rarely ever think about what it’s doing for us all day long (and at night). But it’s doing some pretty amazing things: keeping us breathing, giving us dreams, regulating our blood pressure and all manner of other complicated things.

So, what can we do to make sure our brains are in fine fettle and keep them healthy? This book takes us through a variety of topics, from food and nutrition to good sleep hygiene, having a social life, developing resilience, being physically active, curiosity, creativity, reading and rest, dazzling readers with a mix of facts, answers to questions from children, and activities that will boost kids’ brainpower. At the beginning of the book, Morgan also recognises neurodivergence and explains to kids what some of the differences between a neurotypical and neurodivergent brain might be. Generally speaking, there isn’t a huge focus on neurodivergence through the book, but, for instance, in the chapter on friendships, Morgan discusses the differences between introverts and extroverts and the different needs that people have in social settings.

Nicola Morgan is the author of a number of practical nonfiction books for children, and Ten Ways to Build a Brilliant Brain is another accessible and down to earth title. There are lots of ideas for practical activities in the book, from belly breathing to collaging and much more, meaning that this would be a very useful gift for children who enjoy practical activities as well as reading.

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