Tales of World War II: Amazing True Stories from the War that Shook the World

Publisher: Neon Squid

As the number of people alive today who lived through World War II gets ever smaller, it’s important for us to remember and pass on the stories of such an important event in our shared history.

Dr Hattie Hearn’s fascinating book of true stories from World War II, which begins with the reasons the war began and takes the reader through the main events and on towards peace, focuses on the human stories behind such a bewildering global event.

By delving into the individual stories of people such as Russian astronomy student Yevgeniya Rudneva – the so-called Night Witch, who dropped bombs on enemy targets at night – and Bert Trautmann, a German Prisoner of War in England who became a goalkeeper for Manchester City football club after the war, Hearn guides readers through the social and cultural events at play during the war as well as the main points in history, making sure that the reader is invested in stories of personal tragedy and courage.  There’s also a useful glossary and index at the end of the book to help upper primary readers understand some of the more specific terminology.

Margarida Esteves’ beautiful illustrations help to bring a diverse mix of stories alive, reminding readers of the impact of World War II outside England and humanising its events.

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