Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

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Publisher: Walker Books

Babies may be born in different countries, look a little different and have different needs, but one thing that most have in common are ten fingers and ten toes. This is the uniting theme of this perfect first book for sharing. From the swaddled newborn, to children sitting alone, then crawling together, and then standing, the illustrations show babies born all over the world in the country and cities, all with irresistibly chubby fingers and toes.

This book provides a great opportunity for readers to interact with baby whilst reading aloud - and when the tale turns to the baby that is ‘mine, all mine’ and supplies a final, surprise extension to the ‘ten little toes’ rhyme, the opportunity for bonding is made perfect. Accompanied by Helen Oxenbury's lovely illustrations, this is a charming book that is perfect for little ones.

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