Sunday Rain

Publisher: Lantana

Elliott watches a storm from his bedroom window, listening to the whoosh of the wind and the crash of thunder, before returning to his book and losing himself in a fantastical adventure. When the rain subsides, Elliott hears laughter and notices some children splashing in the puddles on the street. Although it looks like fun, he is new to the neighbourhood and feels too shy to join them. With some gentle encouragement from his mother, Elliott puts on his wellies and, taking his toy boat, bravely ventures outside. He soon discovers that imaginative play can be even more fun when shared with new friends.

This is a lovely tale about having the courage to leap into the unknown to make friends. It is an ideal springboard for promoting discussion with young people about developing the confidence to form relationships and navigate the world around them, helped by its diverse characters. Charming watercolour and charcoal illustrations beautifully capture Elliot’s changing emotions, as well as the make-believe world he creates.

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