Publisher: Bloomsbury Education

When Jax starts a new school, he is determined to mix with the popular kids. His theory is that the cool kids are sporty and not too clever, so he plans to keep his head down in class and get in with the football crowd. However, during his first lesson, he accidentally reveals himself as a geek, going head-to-head with maths whizz Michelle in a prime number show-down. Not only does he fail to impress the cool crowd, he inadvertently alienates Michelle, his one potential friend.

Things look up when Jax deciphers a coded message he finds in his pocket, and is invited to join a secret group, the Codebusters, whose mission is to crack codes, solve mysteries and fight crime. They are presented with their first real case when the school maths trophy goes missing. Tension builds as the Codebusters follow a trail of clues, but can they solve the mystery and recover the cup before it is too late?

This pacy illustrated chapter book for confident young readers highlights the importance of friendship and remaining true to yourself. With brainteasers to solve throughout, it will particularly appeal to those with an interest in maths, puzzles and codes.

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