McTavish on the Move

Publisher: Conkers (Barrington Stoke)

McTavish the dog is the beloved pet of the Peachey family and this is the fourth exciting adventure featuring the lovable canine.

The family is accustomed to Pa’s gloomy disposition, so are rather alarmed when he returns home from work one day, beaming. He has been offered a new job and is certain it will guarantee a brighter future for them all. The only minor snag is that they have to move to a new house, which also means a change of school for Betty.

Swept up in the excitement and chaos of the move, nobody seems to notice that Betty is struggling with leaving her old home, school and friends behind. Thankfully, McTavish is there to offer unconditional love, support and cuddles, and even devises an ingenious way to smooth the transition into her new school.

Each chapter is accompanied by attractive black-and-white illustrations, which effectively portray the dynamics between family members with warmth and humour. This is a wonderful addition to the McTavish series from an award-winning author and will appeal to confident, independent readers.

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