Publisher: Farshore

Danny absolutely does not believe in fairies, so is astounded when he accidentally summons Stink, a feisty green fairy, who causes havoc wherever she goes. Stink promises to return to Fairyland and leave Danny in peace if he helps her earn enough money to buy some state-of-the-art Silver Bullet wings.

The perfect opportunity presents itself when Danny learns that his miserable next-door neighbour, Professor Najin, has an infestation of foxes in her overgrown garden. If they tidy the garden, Stink will earn 100 fairy nuggets for doing a good deed for a human and Danny will save the foxes from extermination at the hands of Pest Control. It’s a mammoth task, so Stink enlists the help of a few creatures from Fairyland. Danny’s stress levels escalate as he tries to deal with a ravenous troll, a murderous gnome and his over-enthusiastic little sister, Sophie.

This hilarious chapter book, written as a series of diary entries, is illustrated throughout by expressive, comical artwork. With a bonkers plot and an imaginative cast of eccentric characters, this laugh-out-loud tale will delight junior readers who enjoy a giggle.

Dydy Danny ddim yn credu yn y tylwyth teg, felly mae’n rhyfeddu pan yn ddamweiniol mae’n galw ar Stink, tylwythen deg werdd sy’n achosi hafog lle bynnag y mae hi’n mynd. Mae Stink yn addo dychwelyd i Fairyland os wnaiff Danny ei helpu i ennill digon o arian i brynu adenydd Bwled Arian o’r radd flaenaf.

Pan mae Danny’n clywed bod gan ei gymdoges bla o lwynogod yn ei gardd, mae’n ymddangos fel y cyfle perffaith i Stink ennill 100 darn tylwyth teg am wneud cymwynas. Ond a fydd hyn yn gweithio?

Mae’r llyfr penodau doniol dros ben hwn, sydd wedi’i ysgrifennu fel cyfres o gofnodion dyddiadur, wedi’i ddarlunio drwyddo draw â gwaith celf digrif, llawn mynegiant. Stori sy’n peri ichi chwerthin yn eich dyblau a fydd yn swyno darllenwyr iau.


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