Return of the Pests

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Stix is a young mouse who lives with his grandma behind the washing machine in Flat 3, Peewit Mansions. Luckily, the people who rent the flat are quite messy, so there is always plenty of food to enjoy. Along with other youngsters in the building, Stix attends PESTS, the Peewit Education for Seriously Terrible Scoundrels, where they learn how to make the biggest nuisance of themselves without being caught by humans.

Their happiness is shattered when the kindly landlady dies and leaves the building to her unpleasant son, Colin. Obsessed by cleanliness, he wastes no time evicting the tenants and arranging for all areas to be deep cleaned. While the elders set off in search of new homes, the young pests take refuge in the basement, but are forced to take action when Colin’s grand plans for the building put their lives in jeopardy. They must think imaginatively and work together if they are to outwit Colin and his killer dog, the Duchess.

This hilarious tale about a surprisingly endearing collection of creatures is the second PESTS adventure and will delight independent young readers. A thoroughly entertaining read, enhanced by marvellous graphite illustrations, which are full of character and humour.

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