Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Solo the dog has a great life on his island, playing with his favourite ball, chasing the annoying birds, scratching, sniffing, and swimming in the sea. He’s the only dog on the island and he likes it that way – even though, sometimes, he gets a bit lonely.

So, when a boat of tourists arrives out of the blue, Solo isn’t sure what to make of it, especially when a horde of other dogs arrive with the tourists.  The other dogs play with his best ball, eat his dinner and drag Stick Number Two around as if they owned it. Won’t these new dogs just leave all his special things alone?

Yet, when the dogs leave, Solo realises it was nice having someone else to play with, so he suggests they share, and a wonderful friendship develops. When it’s time for the new dogs to go home, Solo watches them leave, knowing that the island will always be his, but that he doesn’t have to be lonely forever.

Adam Beer’s adorable dog story is full of humour and lovely detail, drawn in a clear and accessible style and often using large comic-style panels to help the reader progress through the story. There are plenty of cute dogs on offer and an underlying theme that it’s healthy to open ourselves up to new friends and experiences, even if that does mean having to share.

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