The Rabbit Listened

Publisher: Scallywag Press

Taylor creates a magnificent structure from building blocks and is immensely proud of the result, so is devastated when it is destroyed by a passing flock of birds.

One by one, a variety of well-meaning creatures attempt to console the distraught child, each offering different advice on how to deal with the situation. Chatty chicken suggests they talk about it, angry bear wants to shout and roar, while sly snake encourages Taylor to spoil someone else’s game. However, nothing makes Taylor feel any better until Rabbit arrives and takes a more passive approach.

Sensitive and insightful, this poignant story provides an ideal starting point for discussion about how it feels when things go wrong. Emphasising the importance of listening, reflecting and allowing time to come to terms with difficult emotions, it demonstrates how to find positive ways to move forward. The tale encourages children to explore strategies to manage turbulent feelings, helping them to develop their emotional intelligence.

Sparse, repetitive text and gentle illustrations in soft tones evoke a sense of calm contemplation. Taylor’s gender is unspecified, giving this marvellous picture book broad appeal.

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