Shine Mountain

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

On his deathbed, Ellie’s grandad reveals an enchanted button-box, a musical instrument from a mythical land far away, which seems to have magical powers.

After his death, Ellie finds herself irresistibly drawn to the button-box and at first its music turns winter to spring and causes crops to flourish overnight. But before long, the magic takes a malevolent turn; the land is cursed by drought and Ellie’s beloved grandmother is dangerously ill.

In an attempt to save her family, Ellie embarks on a dangerous and frightening journey to find the origin of the button-box and, ultimately, to destroy it.

Rather than being a fearless warrior-type, Ellie is a scared young girl with a deformed foot who has lost the sense of who she really is and, as such, she is a compelling and endearing heroine.

Packed with memorable characters, both human and animal, this fantasy quest combines Ellie’s search for redemption with her desire to discover her true identity.

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