Storm Witch

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Storm has never quite fitted in. On her island home where status is so important, it seems she was doomed from birth. Having a boy’s name, terrified by water and losing her father at a young age have led to rumours of her family being cursed.

When at the Choosing, Storm finds herself allied with three of the four powerful Elemental forces, it seems she is more extraordinary than afflicted. But discovering that she is a conduit for potentially powerful magic terrifies her, perhaps rightly so as the fourth Elemental, Fire, looks determined to kill her one way or another.

A magical, coming-of-age fantasy set in a world where the fight for survival leads to war between tribes. The book deals with themes of marginalisation, loyalty, bullying and self-discovery in a tense and engaging narrative, which challenges isolationism and conforming to the expectations of others.

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