The Wordsmith

Publisher: Little Island Books

After the Melting, there is only one place on Earth that isn’t under water. Ark is a land of new hope but life is often brutal and John Noa has to rule with an iron fist to ensure the survival of his followers.

Letta is Ark’s Wordsmith – responsible for handing out words to people who need them. She has never questioned why language is rationed and why words like freedom, hope, and love are banned. But, one day, her eyes are forced open when her master disappears and she encounters a young man dying on her doorstep. As she becomes aware of the dreadful truth, Letta has some hard choices to make.

This post-apocalyptic thriller is full of jeopardy and nail-biting tension and asks fundamental questions about the nature of humanity and the future of our planet. An intelligent, original and gripping read for teens.

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