Salat in Secret

Publisher: Andersen Press

Muhammad is delighted when he receives his very own salat prayer rug for his seventh birthday, as he’s now old enough to pray five times a day.

When he arrives at school, Muhammad intends to ask his teacher if there’s a private space where he can perform dhuhr, his midday salat, but he feels shy and embarrassed. Instead, he hastily throws down his salat rug by the coat pegs at the end of breaktime and races through the words he has learned at Sunday school. 

He wishes he was like Daddy, who prays wherever he happens to be at the time. However, Muhammad has noticed that people sometimes stare at his father when he prays, which makes the young boy feel anxious. Can Muhammad face his fears and learn to perform salat with confidence?  

Thoughtful text and joyful illustrations make this an engaging and touching read. It will help to ease the anxieties of young children who may be in a similar situation and should encourage others to develop empathy and understanding.

An author’s note and glossary at the end of the book explain the different stages of Muslim prayer, as well as other key words and concepts from Islam. 

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