Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets

Publisher: Chronicle Books

This beautifully designed picture book with exquisite illustrations explores a variety of shapes relating to Islamic objects and practices. Discover the cone-shaped tip of the mosque’s minaret, a tall tower from which the call to prayer is issued; marvel at the splendour of an octagonal water fountain, where wudu, or ritual washing, is performed before prayer; and admire the strong simplicity of the cube-shaped Ka’aba, a sacred temple in Mecca, which all Muslims face while praying.

Rhyming text creates a lyrical rhythm throughout, making it ideal to read aloud. Each enticing double-page spread depicts the art, architecture and culture of a different country from around the world and children will enjoy poring over the splendid illustrations to identify other shapes and patterns on floors, walls and fabrics.

The author’s note explains that the worship of idols is forbidden in Islam, so geometric shapes and patterns are often used to adorn mosques, homes and textiles. A glossary provides explanations of the terms used in the book, along with useful pronunciations. This lovely visual exploration of pattern, art, Islam and different cultures is perfect to share with children at home or in the classroom.

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