Nimesh the Adventurer

Publisher: Lantana Publishing

As Nimesh journeys home from school, his vivid imagination transforms the everyday environment into a thrilling world of adventure. His classroom is an ancient cave, home to a sleeping dragon. The corridor displaying pictures of sea creatures is transformed into the ocean depths, where Nimesh swims among sharks. Back on dry land, the street becomes the North Pole, where Nimesh’s sledge is pulled across the snowy terrain by a pack of lively dogs. And Charlie, the lollipop man, is actually a former guardsman for the Indian Maharaja, capable of performing spectacular backflips.

This captivating picture book will delight young children, encouraging them to invent their own imaginative adventures. The striking collage illustrations contain vibrancy and depth, drawing the reader into Nimesh’s exciting fantasy world.

Written by a British author of East Indian heritage and illustrated by an Iranian-born artist living in the UK, this wonderful picture book celebrates diversity and inclusion in Britain in a fresh, creative way.

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