Not Now, Noor!

Publisher: Puffin

Noor is a curious little girl, her head is always full of questions. The biggest question on her mind is why her Ammu (mum) and the other women in her family wear a hijab (headscarf).

Is it so they can hide snacks for later? Or because they're a super spy and hiding their secret identity? Or maybe it’s to protect them from catching nits?

Determined to finally know the answer, Noor sets out to investigate. First, she asks her sister, but she’s too busy being cool with her friends. So, Noor heads to her aunt and her two grandmothers instead. But the women in her family are all busy and have no time to answer this important question. They all send her away, leaving Noor confused and frustrated. Just as Noor is ready to give up on her hijab quest, her Ammu arrives home and knows just the thing to say.

A heart-warming story, Not Now, Noor! is a celebration of Muslim women and gently approaches the religious reasons for wearing a hijab in a light-hearted way for children.

Using a vibrant colour palette of reds, yellows and purples, the beautiful artwork is full of emotion and movement. Noor’s facial expressions, from excitement to dismay, are brilliantly funny and work well alongside the text.

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