The Proudest Blue

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Publisher: Andersen Press

It’s Faizah’s first day of school and she’s got a brand-new backpack and light-up shoes. For her older sister, Asiya, it’s her first day of wearing a hijab at school. Faizah sees her sister as a princess wearing her beautiful blue hijab, but not everyone at school sees it this way. Instead, they are confused and say hurtful things to Asiya. But with wise words from their mother and understanding from their friends, Faizah and Asiya find new ways to be strong.

Inspired by the experiences of Olympic medallist Ibtihaj Muhammad, this is a beautiful and powerful story about the bond shared between siblings and being proud of yourself and your beliefs.

The playful illustrations capture the imagination of the younger sister and complement the poetic text. There is a message at the end from the authors about the background of the story, which will promote questions and discussion with young readers about living in a multicultural world.

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