Ruby Redfort: Pick Your Poison

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Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Ruby is an American 13-year-old code-cracking genius, who lives in Twinford with her socialite parents who have no idea that their daughter secretly works for Spectrum, a spy agency. In yet another sinister plot involving the familiar Ruby Redfort villains Babyface Marshall, Lorelei Von Leyden and Count von Viscount, Ruby unravels a mystery based on taste - specifically, a series of Snow White-inspired poisonings, which are very nasty indeed.

The penultimate instalment of this phenomenally popular series sees our codebreaking, wisecracking and, this time, kung-fu fighting heroine on form in a clever, funny book that moves the overall story one more step towards the big conclusion. It’s better to read these books in order, but if starting here, the “What I know” and “What I don’t know” feature at the end of every book will be a great help in helping young readers understand where they are in the plot. This one ends on a huge cliffhanger, ready for the sixth and last in the series, Blink and You Die.

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