Ruby Redfort: Feel the Fear

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Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Ruby Redfort has a lot of reasons to feel confident. Undercover agent, code cracker, 13-year-old genius – she’s one fearless kid, buster. Unmasking an evil villain? Done. Honing her parkour skills by climbing skyscrapers and leaping across roofs? All in a day’s work. Heeding the warning signs? Well, not so much.

When an apparently invisible foe begins stealing from the highest buildings in Twinford, Ruby Redfort is ready to defy death one more time to capture the bandit. But fearlessness can lead to taking risks, which can land a person in very serious trouble. While Ruby may think she’s invincible, there’s truth to the saying that recklessness always comes before a fall.
The fourth in the Ruby Redfort series is just as full of high jinks as the rest, and has a welcome focus on Ruby’s physical adventuring as well as her intelligence. As ever, the end pages feature additional puzzle/activity content included in the story. This time, it’s braille and “traille”, a ternary (as opposed to binary) touch-code. There’s also some information about parkour, which is featured in the story – although parents might be keen to point out the safety implications that are touched on.

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