Retribution Falls: Tales of the Ketty Jay

Publisher: Indigo

Darien Frey is captain of spaceship The Ketty Jay. Frey is a rogue who cares for no one but himself; while his gang of companions are not so much a crew as a disparate group of individuals who are either on the run from the law, or from themselves.

The space piracy they usually indulge in is small scale - running contraband and robbing airships. But when a hot tip on a cargo frieghter loaded with valuables goes wrong, and Frey is framed for murder, they find themselves being chased by both government forces and bounty hunters hired to take him down. Can Frey become a true leader and will his crew learn how to pull together as a team?

This action-packed story blends old-fashioned pirate adventure with a gripping science fiction novel set in an intriguing retro-futuristic world. Chris Wooding's writing is excellent, his characters are rounded individuals - and it's great fun too.

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