The Black Lung Captain: Tales of the Ketty Jay

Publisher: Indigo


Captain Darien Frey is down on his luck. His crew are squabbling, his aircraft is ricketty, and he's so broke he’s trying to steal from orphans! He needs money to feed his crew and keep the Ketty Jay in the air, so he decides to accept a job with the unpredictable Captain Grist. Together they journey to a dangerous island to seek an alien treasure that should make them rich. But then Frey discovers that the 'treasure' is a gadget that attracts hordes of alien ghouls and brings death and destruction. Once again Frey is in over his head - but he’s not easily defeated...

This is the second gripping installment of the adventures of the Ketty Jay. More is revealed about the lives of the fascinating crew, relationships progress, and the plot is as imaginative, action-packed and enjoyable as the first.

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