Red Panda Rescue

Publisher: Hachette Children’s Group

When eight-year-old Tilly wins the Adventure Club competition at her new school, she’s thrilled to be travelling to Nepal! She and the other Adventure Club winners, Leo and Anita, will learn how to protect red pandas in their natural habitat.

As soon as she arrives in the Himalayan mountains, Tilly loves the Adventure Club Centre. As well as a friendly team of vets and expedition experts, there are tents to sleep in, a gorgeous dog called Mr Fluff and, most excitingly of all, a tame red panda!  

From day one, the team are riding yaks and tracking wild red pandas by identifying their poo. Red pandas are hard to spot, and while Tilly looks out for signs of one, there’s a lot else for her to discover – huge butterflies, chattering monkeys and even a shy snow leopard...

But with poachers also on the hunt for Iniya, a red panda about to have cubs, it soon becomes a race against time to find her first.  

Written as a diary, with cute illustrations by Beautyman, this is a gentle, engaging adventure packed with facts about red pandas. Newly confident readers will enjoy this first book in the Adventure Club series.

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