Eco Rangers: Wildfire Rescue

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Set in the Australian bush, young nature lovers Ebony and Jay are Eco Rangers, who help wildlife and care for the environment through their local conservation centre. Following a devastating wildfire, the pair are tasked with searching the charred remains of the bushland for injured animals. When they rescue a wounded possum who has burned her paws, their quick-thinking and resourcefulness give her a good chance of survival.

While searching the area for further animal casualties, the children are alarmed to find evidence of people camping in the area. Who are they and why would anyone choose to stay where there is a high risk of further bushfires? Determined to discover the truth, the friends investigate but inadvertently place themselves in extreme danger.

Exciting and intriguing, this series of chapter books is ideal for readers with an interest in the natural world. Each title combines thrilling adventures with facts about different animals and their habitat, making them both informative and entertaining.

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